Thursday, July 24, 2008

Elegant Bride

My family has always been into collecting and I was introduced to this pastime at a very early age. Antiquing on Sundays was a major activity - we didn't buy much, but we sure looked around a lot. I was always drawn to old photographs and have a collection of pictures of people I am in no way related to and some old pictures of my own family members. Lately, I have been looking for old photos of brides and flower-related events. I am going to post them from time to time - they are fun to look at and see the different ways flowers were used in the past.


Great flower lady said...

I have lot's of old bridal photos hanging in my stuido I find them at garage sales. I also send my friends out to find them~

Angie said...

What a unique photograph! I would love to find a book on the history of floral bridal work.