Friday, August 25, 2017

Back to School

A sweet little centerpiece for the first of the many back to school events starting this week. 
I used green centered sunflowers  yellow Versilia roses,  Sweet Annie, scabiosa pods and a wonderful burgandy coleus.  

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Sarah and David's wedding

I have known Sarah since she was born and her mom is one of my oldest and best friends.  When she contacted me about her marriage to David and how they pictured the event I was so excited.   They were going to hold the ceremony and reception at El Rey, a Mexican bar at 9th and U Sts in DC.

 When Sarah's mom Karen and I were kids, we went to Georgetown most Saturdays to the shops.  At that time there was a great number of wonderful unique stores.  Powder and Smoke, Coffee Tea and Spice, The Phoenix (still in business!), Three Penny Bit and many more.   They were full of treasures to our eyes.  At the top of Georgetown there was the Pappagallo shoe store in an old townhouse.  In the attic hanging from the ceiling were hundreds of paper flowers from Mexico.  My mother and I began to make flowers and I sold them to Ursells - a furniture store on Q St.  All of these memories came back and I asked Sarah if in honor of the Mexican connection (David is of Mexican descent) I could decorate the chuppah in paper flowers.  She agreed and I spend many enjoyable hours constructing them.

The wedding was such fun.  Sarah and David collected black and clear mezcal bottles for vases.  I put bright groupings of gerber daisies into each one.  We made an industrial looking chuppah that worked with the look in the bar.

Sarah wanted a floral crown and a gardeny bouquet and all of the colors and ideas came together to produce a wonderful looking event that I was so happy to be part of.

Photography by Ann Marie Van-Tassell