Sunday, December 19, 2010

Emily's wedding

Emily and Manus got married last night. The wedding was held at the Tabard Inn at Dupont Circle in Washington, DC. The Tabard is a wonderful hotel and restaurant with an eclectic vibe. I did the flowers and attended the wedding and did not take many pictures, but I did get a couple, one of Emily coming down the stairs to the ceremony with her parents and the other of the two flower girls. Emily's bouquet consisted of Vendela, Classy Cezanne and Ohara roses, white anemones and sweet peas from Japan. I made the girls' head wreaths of silk and beaded flowers. More pictures to come.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas mantles

I love decorating mantles for the holidays. This year I used branches, velvet acorns, copper xmas balls, feathers and a rhinestone brooch as a focal point. I made it a point of using materials that I had on hand instead of buying anything new.

Christmas ikebana

This week at ikebana class we worked on some holiday pieces. I love this wooden container and thought it would be appropriate. We all used the highly twisted branches, and I added pine boughs, red berries and some double white callas.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dinner party

Sodexo, a catering company, had a client dinner tonight. They rented wonderful citon colored gauzy tablecloths with sparkle and wanted a nice centerpiece to match. We made some arrangements with Limbo roses - a pretty yellowy green. We arranged them in half sphere, added a collar of green hypericum berrries and an additional collar of twigs to create a wreath effect. They sat on a square glass vase lined with moss. The colors worked wonderfully together.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Something a little different

This is a not great photo of a little piece I made yesterday. I bought these wonderful white vases at IKEA - the are round with a nickel sized hole in the top of each. I used three, attached the woven grass with an adhesive patch and added the dyed dendrobium orchids. I put them all on a white plate for easy delivery. Sort of fun and a little different for me.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas 2010 at Nora's

Photos of this year's Christmas installation at Nora's along with some additional pieces we made this year. Again we used her red amaryllis along with pomegrantes, a real cedar swag, beaded garland and silvery eucalyptus. For the topiaries we used fresh boxwood and put golden poppy heads and pinecones and some Christmas balls in as well.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanksgiving at Landon

Last week's arrangements for a Landon pre-Thanksgiving party. I used Lenonides roses, orange pin cushions, magnolia leaves, large green cones and assorted brown, orange, yellow and burgandy mums and yellow statice and yarrow.

Monday, November 29, 2010


A photo of the back of the Subaru filled with flowers for a Landon reunion dinner. We love this car - it can practically hold an entire wedding worth of arrangements.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Halloween ikebana

I have missed many of the ikebana classes this fall but wanted to post the picture of the piece I made around Halloween. We stacked gourds and pumpkins on spikes on a wooden base and added some berries and bittersweet vine to make a composition. It was fun to try this type of freestyle piece. I love the browning hosta leaves - there are so few times that a decaying piece of material is appropriate in an arrangement, but this is one of them!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Flowers for the Whittemore Mansion

This morning I made a large arrangement for a showing for event planners at the historic Whittemore Mansion, the home of the Women's Democratic Club and the Asia Society. It is a lovely place right off of Dupont Circle in the heart of Washington, DC and rented out for weddings and other events.

For this piece I used "Shocking" lilies - beautiful yellow petals with burgandy throats, peach roses, rose and pink Peegee hydrangeas and cream stock.

Sunday wedding

Stephanie and Ken got married yesterday at Woodend, the Audubon Society mansion in Maryland. They had an absolutely beautiful day. The ceremony was outside in a cedar grove with a backdrop of golden trees. The color scheme was lavender and lime - we added in many shades of those colors in order to give the flowers a lot of depth. The table arrangements were modestly priced but we had fun with them. We decorated the mantles of the mansion with lime green osage oranges, purple sprayed hydrangeas, mexican sage flowers, spider and other mums, and Cool Water roses. I loved her bouquet, we used dark purple callas, lavender and purple lisianthus, lime green roses with a little collar of varigated pittosporum.

Busy Week

We had a very busy week last week, lots of events, deliveries and a wedding on Sunday. These two photos are of the pieces we delivered. We used dyed orange callas, Robin Hood mini gerbers, grasses, chocolate weigela and Euphoria roses. I love the colors in these pieces.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Holton parties

These are photos from tonight's parties at Holton. Red apache rose nosegays surrounded by curled burgandy leaves - 3 nosegays in each arrangement with a few dark red sprays and someof the chocolate weigela foliage around the edges for the table arrangements. And a buffet piece of roses, dahlias, grasses.

Full on fall

Lots of work today - Landon reunion and 2 parties at Holton. For Landon we made really fun arrangements - my favorite type - a nice combination of dahlias, peach, red and brown roses, kangaroo paws, hypericum berries and chocolate weigela foliage.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dinner party

Same tablecloth as a few weeks ago, different arrangements. Fiesta and Okey Dokey roses, pink tinged yellow dahlias, bronze football mums, burgandy mums, orange berries and huck greens.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Osage oranges

Last week I went to the open house of my friend Rosie who grows beautiful topiaries of all types including standards of cotoneaster which were full of berries, bay laurel, rosemary, holly and many others. In addition, she designs wonderful pots for the plants that she has made in China. The pots come in great colors and are very appealing. She had her party in her adorable little house in Georgetown. The house was lovely and the garden was a treat. After the party I walked back to my car and found a park full of osage oranges. I zipped back to my car and grabbed a bag and collected about 30 of them. And was happy to use them in these arrangements I made for a party at Landon last week. I also used green spider mums, red celosia, privet berries, castor berries, sedum flowers, burgandy mums and Pink Finesse roses.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


I have restarted my ikebana studies with Kyoko Petersen in Vienna, VA. Kyoko is a talented ikebana artist and I have a lot to learn from her. Each lesson is different, although we often repeat lessons. This past week we did an arrangement in the upright moribana fashion. The subtlety of ikebana is an interesting aspect for me - so much the opposite of the mass arrangements of which I am so fond. These are two pieces I made yesterday. The top photo includes monstera leaves and kiwi branches with lavender and green poms and some oak leaf hydrangea leaves. For the second piece I used Chesapeake viburnum leaves and the same mums.

Front desk

Every week I make an arrangement or bring a plant in for the front desk at Holton. It is a great exercise for me to try some new fun things. This week's piece was made from rolled leaves - a nice dark purple with a reddish edge. 4 of these grouped around 3 lavender roses. I made 3 of these groups and put them together in the vase. It has a very nice effect I think.

Friday, October 8, 2010

2 weddings

Photos from last weekends 2 weddings - one at the Spanish Ballroom at Glen Echo in MD and the other at the historic synagogue at 6th and I NW and then the Renaissance Hotel nearby. Both weddings had fall color palettes, one composed of orange tones and the other reds and burgandys and yellows.

Lots of fun working on these - the first photo is of the chuppah we made to match the the painted interior of the ballroom - I covered cardboard tubes with stucco wallpaper and painted some designs on them. The second photo is of the florals we attached to the chuppah at the second wedding - Circus roses and burgandy mums. The next photo of a birds eye view of one of the low arrangements for the Renaissance hotel and the last photo is of one of the bride bouquets - red callas and Gypsy Curiosa roses with yellow cymbidiums.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Outdoor party

A few photos from another event this past week. Beautiful fall colored arrangements made with orange Amazon roses, burgandy spray roses, grevillia greens, burgandy mums, japanese lanterns and monobretia berried branches.

This week's events

Busy this week, large events at both schools with some smaller events in between. White and brown were the theme of last night's party and the request was for all white arrangements - I made large buffet arrangements with starbursts of white dendrobium orchids, small table arrangements with roses, callas, spray roses and cymbidum orchids with a few sprays of dusty miller put in around the edges. The tiny cabaret table pieces consisted of 2 white cymbidums and dusty miller.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Early fall arrangements

Three early fall arrangements for a client. I am not quite ready for full on dark fall colors and like the play of yellows and rusts and the pop of lime green. I used mini sunflowers, orange celosia, millet, red tip grass, burgandy and yellow mums, uhule ferns and a great lime green photinia leaf.

New Parent dinner

These are some little arrangements I made last night for the New Parent dinner at Holton. I used beautiful Camel, Geraldine and Sahara roses, baby varigated euonymous, dusty miller and sedum from my yard, pink spray roses, pomegrantes, pitcher plants and peach hypericum berries. I love this type of arrangement - the form is fairly simple but the fun is in the play of color and texture.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Today's arrangements

Today was a busy day. I potted up a number of bird's nest ferns and added dried scabiosa pods and pitcher plants for small table arrangements. I also made a large buffet arrangement to go with the small arrangements by balancing a grapevine wreath on top of a large cylinder decorating it with pods, white roses, salal leaves, millet and grasses. The last piece today was a thank you arrangmement made from blue hydrangea, white phalenopsis orchids, white ranuculus and spotted dracenae leaves. I wove grasses from my yard into a basket inside the glass cube to hide the stems.