Friday, October 8, 2010

2 weddings

Photos from last weekends 2 weddings - one at the Spanish Ballroom at Glen Echo in MD and the other at the historic synagogue at 6th and I NW and then the Renaissance Hotel nearby. Both weddings had fall color palettes, one composed of orange tones and the other reds and burgandys and yellows.

Lots of fun working on these - the first photo is of the chuppah we made to match the the painted interior of the ballroom - I covered cardboard tubes with stucco wallpaper and painted some designs on them. The second photo is of the florals we attached to the chuppah at the second wedding - Circus roses and burgandy mums. The next photo of a birds eye view of one of the low arrangements for the Renaissance hotel and the last photo is of one of the bride bouquets - red callas and Gypsy Curiosa roses with yellow cymbidiums.

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flower arrangements said...

Those are really nice arrangements. The color and even distribution of flowers were well done.