Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dinner at Holton

Today we made arrangements for a dinner at Holton.  I used Zazu roses - they are a lemon/lime color with a red edge - a very unusual coloration.  I added Safari Sunset protea, red yarrow,  and Avalanche greens - not sure exactly what shrub this is but reddish stems with mottled lime green and cream foliage.  The buffet piece is an assymetrical design - not the usual for me but fun to do.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Hydrangeas 2012

This year is the best crop of hydrangeas ever.   The plants are about 7 feet tall and the colors range from pale pink to purple to blue.   I can't wait to use them in arrangements.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Alum party at Landon

Tonight there is a party for Landon alums on campus.   They chose pale yellow and white tablecloths and we made bright yellow centerpieces for them.  We used Gold Strike roses, poppy pods, ladies mantle, yellow yarrow, brezillia berries and grey dusty miller for a sophisticated touch.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Landon party

We also did an event at Landon last week.  We used pink tulips, pink wax, pink/gold spray roses and Sahara roses. 

Luncheon at Holton

We made some small arrangements for a lunch at Holton last week.  Free Spirit orange roses with blue cornflowers and yellow mums in tiny vases that we arranged together to make one large centerpiece so the guests could take them home.

St. Albans dinner

On Thursday we made some arrangements for a dinner party at the headmaster's house.  We used brown cymbidum orchids, Black Beauty an  Sanna roses, cream tulips, blue cornflowers, lime berzillia berries and rolled red ti leaves.  We put two stems of brown mini cymbidums with some large flowers at the base.  It was a vibrant color combination against the royal blue tablecloths.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Bouquets from Seattle

A friend sent me this photo of some bouquets he bought to greet his visiting family.  He got them at a market in Seattle and I loved the beautiful color stories they tell.

Iris Peony arrangement

I have been making some upright front facing arrangements with horsetail and orchids for some time but a client wanted more English garden flowers in a piece that was constructed in that way.  This is the result, vibrant blue irises, pink peonies and varigated ivy in a gold ceramic container.

House party

One last event from yesterday.  A continuation of the blue and white theme - blue hydrangeas and white callas for two pieces and a euycalptus tower with white roses and thistle  placed in between the layers.

UMD Graduation

We also did some flowers for a UMD graduation at their Shady Grove, MD campus yesterday.  They wanted blue and white colors, so we got a lot of blue hydrangea in a range of blues and made some pieces on tall glass risers, low arrangements in two shapes and some small cabaret table pieces. We used white gerbers in two sizes, white lisianthus, blue thistle and varigated pittosporum.    They filled the tall risers with blueberries to enhance the blue color theme.

Luncheon flowers

Some simple arrangements for a luncheon at the Sulgrave Club at Dupont Circle yesterday.  Lovely pink tulips, baby green hydrangeas, garden euphorbia, pink wax flower and varigated pittosporum.