Monday, May 27, 2013

Daphne's wedding

Yesterday was the wedding of Daphne and Dave.  The were married at a farm in Potomac, MD and we were happy to do the flowers.  They ceremony was in a wonderful barn and the reception in a huge tent.  We used our shutters for the place cards.  In the barn was an old ruined piano that we decorated with plants, moss, succulents and branches.   I found an old piece of sheet music that we propped on the keyboard.   We made some nice loose wild arrangements for the barn with queen anne's lace, grasses from my garden, lime green foliage and a little delphinium.    The reception centerpieces were made with lime green mohito hydrangeas, white gerbera and daisies and ruskus foliage.   After a spate of cold weather they were lucky to have lovely weather for their day.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Lily of the valley

We have a nice bed of lily of the valley in front of the house but I have never had a bride at the time it was blooming (except for my daughter who got married this weekend - but in Chicago and that is another story).

Anyway, this is a nice picture sent from a friend in NJ who takes lovely photos and makes interesting art works, Mark Nolden.  You can google him and see what he does.