Monday, October 18, 2010

Osage oranges

Last week I went to the open house of my friend Rosie who grows beautiful topiaries of all types including standards of cotoneaster which were full of berries, bay laurel, rosemary, holly and many others. In addition, she designs wonderful pots for the plants that she has made in China. The pots come in great colors and are very appealing. She had her party in her adorable little house in Georgetown. The house was lovely and the garden was a treat. After the party I walked back to my car and found a park full of osage oranges. I zipped back to my car and grabbed a bag and collected about 30 of them. And was happy to use them in these arrangements I made for a party at Landon last week. I also used green spider mums, red celosia, privet berries, castor berries, sedum flowers, burgandy mums and Pink Finesse roses.

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