Friday, October 10, 2008

Tiara Day

Most Friday mornings I get a call from Kate and in turn I call Helen and Ruth. Around 9:30 we meet at my house and spend the morning going to estate sales. We go to sales in Maryland and DC and Virginia if we are feeling adventurous. My excuse for this is that I am always looking for interesting containers for flower arrangements and for garden stuff. We are not shy about commenting on all the details of the houses we visit, inside and out and that is as much fun as looking for things to buy.

Today, Kate and Ruth and I went out and while looking for a sale in Kensington, Maryland happened on the cutest store. It is called Tiara Day and is located on Metropolitan Avenue at the corner of Wheatley Ave. If you are in town, you must see this store. The owner is Maria Peck and she has assembled the most wonderful collection of vintage clothes and objects with very interesting new stuff - candles, jewelry, wonderful cards - I could go on and on. There is a web site and you can link to her blog on the most recent page of this blog. If I ever have a store, it would be just like this.

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