Friday, November 21, 2008

Holton party

Yesterday we also did some flowers for a Holton event held at a fabulous private home in Washington, DC. The house was decorated in cream and beige tones and we used brown orchids, cream banksia and unfurled fern heads with tropical leaves and river cane. The small pieces are made from brown orchids placed on grids of river cane perched on small glass vases, we also made an assemblage of 3 vases - brown orchids and aralia leaves with ferns on a large glass vase with more brown orchids inside, next to it is a medium size vase with 2 banksia flowers and a fern and in the smallest vase, a brown orchid on a grid. The frame held a grid of river cane with brown orchids, aralia leaves and a fern threaded in to make a picture.

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