Sunday, July 18, 2010

Holton Graduation

Here are some photos from Holton's graduation this year. Hal and I have been making the graduation bouquets for years now. This year marked a change from red roses in the bouquets to yellow. I made several sample bouquets - yellow roses, white daisy mums and a mixed bouquet of delphinium, daisies and yellow spray roses. The girls voted for the yellow rose bouquets pictured here. Every year a new group of junior moms decorate the bridge leading to the amphitheater where graduation takes place. Each group has it's own ideas and thoughts about how best to decorate the campus. This year the color palette was yellow, blue and white. They used large sunflowers which really stood out in the arrangements and expanded the number of decorations made. It was a beautiful day and the girls were happy with everything.


lbc flower delivery said...

Pretty arrangement! I like it. Wish I can also learn how to make something like that. Thanks for sharing!


cmgoldstein89 said...

Those are so pretty! i'm so glad the antiquated red rose/wedding look is out.

PS Hi i found you thru my mom!