Saturday, June 11, 2011

Graduation at Holton

This past week was graduation at Holton.  It was the hottest week - 102 on graduation day and it was a real test for the staying power of flowers.  We used Quick Dip, the new foam from Oasis - Maxi Life, and Crowning Glory spray and I am happy to say everything held up thru the day and looked pretty good; even the pieces in the direct sun.  This year the girls carried peach Versilia roses which were quite beautiful and looked good with every skin color according to the photographer.  The bridge decorators (we really should change that designation to the campus decorators now) used a rose that was a peachy yellow called Finesse in their pieces as well as beautiful delphinium and cream lilies.  The decorations were the among the nicest ever and the installation went smoothly thanks to the careful planning of the chairs. 

Maya Angelou was the speaker this year - it was a huge honor for her to come and brave the heat to be there.  She noticed and remarked on the flowers in her speech which made my day.

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