Monday, July 18, 2011

AIFD workshop

After the AIFD conference in San Francisco was over, I stayed for a one day workshop with Finnish floral designer Jounni Seppanan.  His work is beautiful and very interesting.  We copied one piece of his in the morning - the piece with the arc of orchids overlaying a fan of roses on top of a tower of horsetail.  The mechanics of this piece were pretty interesting.  In the afternoon he had us bundle the ends of curly willow branches (about 30 pieces 10 inches long) with rubber bands and told us to make an arrangement.  His arrangement stood in a plastic plate and had a naturalistic arrangement of grasses and flowers coming from the top, I opted to wrap the bundle with an asplenium leaf and then to tuck a very few fabulous David Austin roses into the bundle of sticks.  Jounni liked this approach and I was pleased.

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