Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Reality floral design

Today I had a challenge.  I had to make 2 medium buffet arrangements, 2 centerpieces and 4 small cocktail pieces on a very slim budget and the client wanted something that would make a statement.
I bought 2 stems of large cymbidium orchids, 2 bunches of spider mums and 5 large varigated leaves.  I had on hand some small white mums and eucalyptus greens.

I used everything - I cut a varigated leaf in half down the stem and used it to line the centerpiece vases and filled the vase with mums and some individual cymbidiums.  For the buffet pieces I used two of the large leaves and 1/2 of the cymbidium stems.  The small pieces consisted of just one mum and one cymbidum.   I love to use masses of flowers but sometimes it is fun to see what I can do with only a few elements.

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