Monday, August 18, 2014

and more samples

I am doing more samples than ever before - it makes everyone more comfortable and not worried that the idea they have for their flowers will not be what shows up for the big day.

It also helps me work in ways that are a bit different than my usual.

Today I am working on bouquet ideas.  This bride wanted an open gardeny bouquet and after a couple of false starts I think I am getting close.

Such fun to work in a bouquet holder.  It allows one to work in a very open loose way as opposed to gathering stems in one's hand and tying them together.

We will see what the verdict is later today.  This bouquet has lots of elements, succulents, heather, arborvitae and nandina and geranium leaves from my garden, anemones, viburnum berries and seeded eucalyptus berries.  The lavender flowers are also from my garden - it is a wild verbena I think.

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