Monday, January 10, 2011


My friend Ruth is a professor of design at UMD.  Next week she is going to speak to my floral design group, IFDA,  about a personal approach to design.  I have been playing around with some of he techniques she will be speaking about and will begin to post some of the arrangements I am coming up with.  Most of them are not fully realized works and may need some refinement - think of them as 3 dimensional sketches for the time being.

This first piece began with the purchase of this beautiful chunk of amethyst last week.  I wanted to use it as an integral part of an arrangement and was happy to get this large echevaria blossom in a great purple color.  I put the amethyst in the vase and propped the blossom on the top, added some smaller chunks of stone in the lower part of the vase and finally put some brunia in for more texture.  An interesting note - when Ruth saw this piece, she liked it but noted the water level and we raised it until it became a better part of the design as a whole.

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